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Session 11:00 - 17:00approx

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM (dir. C. Eidenbenz)

19m 30s


Without understanding why, Irna senses that the relationship with her son Jago is getting more and more hopeless. She seeks refuge in her own world, whose center is Elias, a rubber doll. While Irna holds on to her own reality with all her might, Jago is desperately trying to make his mother understand.


Chasing Time


United Kingdom

A woman lost and in love chases time to start all over again. 


Letters to Britain


United Kingdom

Premiered at Sheffield DocFest 2018, Letters to Britain witnesses a group of people aged between 80-100 write letters to the younger generation of Britons today. Having lived through pivotal moments in British history,  they use their own experiences to reveal insights on life, and pass on advice about how to deal with the current difficulties facing today’s fast moving and increasingly divided society.  Winner:  Best Non-Scripted film at TriForce Film Festival Best Documentary at Southampton Film Week


Who's Romeo

1h 29m 8s


Four seventeen-year-old girls and two boys of the same age, Christians and Muslims, challenge themselves with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, led by a young actress. 

Are Montagues and Capulets like Christians and Muslims? 

What is the meaning of falling in love with your enemy? And who is the enemy today? 

A journey to discover what Shakespeare is writing today. To make us understand these times, and ourselves. 



5m 5s

United Kingdom

In the aftermath of a brutal conflict a militia-woman Abbie awakes to a haunting new reality. Can she face the loss of her innocence to survive?   Key points about Scavenger:  - Katharine Rogers who plays Scavenger was in London is Burning, Doctors and The Bill. -       The Bafta Nominated writer Robin Mukherjee (Eastenders, Lore and Hetty Feather) was a mentor on the project.  - Though set in a fictional world themes relate to current conflicts and loss of innocence to young people.  - The director is a former soldier who is interested in exploring the journey of soldier’s lives.  - Shot on location Bath, UK. -       Scavenger was the graduation project for the writer/producer Laurence Guy on his MA in Scriptwriting at Bath Spa University.  







 SOLITAIRE (dir. E. Brodach)

18m 54s

Russian Federation

Alexandra, a French architect working on a significant project in Moscow, is an intelligent, driven and independent career woman. But when her life’s desire turns to having a child, and with her biological clock ticking, she is suddenly faced with a serious choice: does she have the time to wait for love or must she take responsibility to have a child alone?


Being of Neglected

8m 36s


Gentle man, lady and ghost's story on a lonely road.


Good Morning Alice


United Kingdom

Alice, who knows appearances are everything, nervously begins answering questions before steering the interview in an unexpected direction.




United Kingdom

Mankind has pushed itself to the brink of destruction, whilst an unknown entity known as a "Pulse" begins to shroud the planet in darkness.  A young scientist, Marie, has been tasked to uncover the origins of this entity and determine the threat it poses to her species, but discovers a dark but inevitable truth in the process.


Q P DElusion

3m 45s

United Kingdom

Three mysterious kids, Q, P and De are taking a delightful break in a snowy night. 


Saturn in Leo

4m 44s


In outer space with no common physical laws, where on each planet lives but one creature, they’re faced with heaviness of free time. Each of them spends it differently indulging in useless activities and setting artificial goals for themselves due to lack of purpose, not knowing they were created merely for one lonely person’s amusement. 



14m 58s


Anacronte and the Sorcerers of Evil, without any emotion and fulfilling their destiny, they put to test humanity's happiness in a struggle that, in short, has each of us as winners and losers.


Like Glass 

14m 10s

United Kingdom

A young woman, Kira, wakes in an abandoned wasteland, severely injured, with absolutely no recollection of how she got there. As she struggles to stay alive, strange events begin to unfold that lead her to confront a terrifying possibility.




United Kingdom

“BEASTS” follows ageing farmer ARTHUR and his family as they struggle to come to terms with their ever-deteriorating situation. It explores the seemingly inescapable cycles that force the hands of otherwise good people to do very bad things.





Indy is forced to confront the ghosts of her past when one of them shows up on her doorstep. Lauren has come to confront her about a mistake she made that changed both their lives forever.


One Too Many 

1m 59s

United Kingdom

Synopsis for One Too Many: When a drunken night out gets the better of him, Joe’s inner self steps in to set him on the road to recovery where a killer hangover awaits. 


An Inspector Calls

1h 30m

United Kingdom

Set in 1912, an Upper class English family are celebrating their daughter's engagement when their evening is interrupted by a police inspector. He is investigating the suicide of a young woman and the events leading to her death.


Scraper Bikes 'Mobbin'

2m 56s

United States

Baybe Champ of the East Oakland- Scraper Bike Team has released another hit anthem/ music video! Check it out


Apple Man

21m 34s


20 years has passed, since Vilis, now silver-haired senior, mysteriously lost his family - wife and two kids. His life moves slowly and only thing it’s filled with is loneliness. The one connection to the oustide world for Vilis is the times, when the mailman comes. Inability to forgive himself and illusions of family coming back is the only driving force for him to wake up and fix things around him one by one. Will the unexpected friendship between him and the mailman save him?




United States

Two young black men are cruising in a sports car listening to loud music. A white police officer who is not having a particularly good day spots a minor traffic infraction and pulls the young men over. Will this all-too-common incident result in yet another tragic outcome spurred by racial misunderstandings, or might there be an alternative outcome?  An innocuous third character drifting in and out of their lives facilitates an intriguing possibility based on a shared humanity.A traffic stop takes an unexpected turn.

session five Wednesday 17th April 

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