Doors 19:15

Start 19:30 Prompt -22:15 approx

A Letter to my Sweetheart


United Kingdom

During World War One, around two billion letters were delivered. They were messages of hope, support, and most importantly... Love.



4m 30s

United Kingdom

A woman falls in love with a cult leader, but he's not who she thought he was.


The Waiting Room

2m 1s

United Kingdom

A visual account of a real life after death experience.


Mind - The Donkey

3m 35s

United Kingdom

Donkey goes on a quest to understand his personal blockages by speaking to his psyche. 


The Bends

10m 4s

United Kingdom

After witnessing a terrible accident on shift at the sewage treatment plant, David’s mind and body begin to unravel, crumbling under the pressure and giving way to a twisted reality.



14m 55s

United Kingdom

A young man's girlfriend begins to transform into the women he has cheated on her with.


Follow The Crows

1h 34m 11s

United Kingdom

Countless years after a devastating apocalyptic event humanity has been reduced to a few wanderers searching the Earth for something to live for.


I Will Crush You & Go To Hell

21m 57s


At their father’s funeral, Colorado and Louise Fox discover the existence of an exclusive and mysterious heiress: Apple Pie. Together, they set out to find who she is and hit the road to get the money back…  I Will Crush You & Go to Hell is a feminine and psychedelic road movie telling the journey of two sisters running away from their past to give their lives a new meaning. Raw, violent and poetic at the same time, the film is a quest about deliverance and freedom.


Hush Hush

11m 9s

United Kingdom

Gav is down on his luck and isn't very lucky in love. One night whilst drinking his sorrows away he meets what he believes to be the woman of his dreams, Jess. After dating and drinking they eventually take a trip back to Jess' house but this is where Gav discovers a secret that shakes his world.  This short comedy film also has some serious undertones which explore the acceptance and predudices against the transgender community in the modern age.


The Fisherman’s Lure 

3m 30s

United Kingdom

A modern fable. No man ever aspired to be a fish, but the fish aspires to be a man.

session two Monday 15th April 

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